Why Thane is good for investment in Plots?

Thane is an emerging cosmopolitan city in the Mumbai Metropolitan Area and the most preferred real estate investment destination. Affordable lifestyle with necessary amenities at value-oriented pricing and Infrastructural development has been the key differentiation factors that set Thane apart from the other real estate markets in the nearby adjoining areas

Its rise in the last few years has been supremely phenomenal and has made Thane an undisputed hotshot of real estate properties and one of the best investment destinations. This implies the fact that Thane is good for investment.

Testified data tells us that it has not only made its image as an industrial town but has evolved as a lone real estate destination blooming with prime exponential growth. Thane accounted for almost 65% of the city’s overall property supply between 2012 to 17. Property experts believe that real estate buyers here have got a benefit from 300% growth in the past five years. Economists and analytic advisors suggest an estimated 40% increase in employment opportunities in the MMR, which includes Thane. Such a perfectly predicted hike in jobs would be followed by a large increase in the demand for housing facilities and return, which could generate further capital elevation for real estate and property investments in Thane which implies the fact that Thane is good for investment. In the past year alone, Thane held 18% of the entire supply of residential projects launched in MMR. What is more interesting is the fact that of the 70,000 housing units that hit the Thane market in the last five years, 53% have already been sold out.

Today, with its excellent geographical and social infrastructure and the presence of major official complexes and malls, Thane is no longer implied to be a distant cousin of Mumbai. On the real estate investment records, Thane proves to be on top and therefore is considered a good option for investment. The ability for spatial expansion gives Thane a fairly competitive edge over the other severely space-constrained and congested regions of Mumbai which again makes Thane good for investment. Thane also enjoys superb connectivity to Navi Mumbai as well as to the Eastern and Western Suburbs of Mumbai which indicate the fact that Thane is good for investment.

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