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Has lockdown and subsequent market slowdown cost you your job? Or salary cut? Does the financial future look gloomy due to insecurity in job? Despite all this chaos, are you still the person who’s determined to create more streams of income and not depend on just job? Then this is the right place for you to kick start your journey to independence. Join Zamin to become our business associates. Full time or part time. You need not leave your current occupation. Best opportunity with high earning potential. You could work from home, too. Leverage your communication skill, your go-getter attitude and your networking strength in your best interest to earn commissions such as 10-15% as our business partner. Take home on-the-spot payment. Live your dream of being your own boss! What are you waiting for? Call today.

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uniland real estate
uniland real estate

How it Goes ?

Become a business partner and build your career with us, Together we can achieve more.Guide them about us or simply refer them to our website Establish touch with them.

  • 🅐 Implement cold calling / Collect your contacts
  • 🅑 Use social media to promote your business
  • 🅒 Arrange for the presentation to take place at various of offices and societies
  • 🅓 Work at your own time and convinience
  • 🅔 Bring your clients to our office to undertake a market survey
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